Classic entity

Last updated: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 21:10

Classic entities relies on declared properties.


Your entities must extend Hector\Orm\Entity\Entity class.


In this example, we use the representation of foo table:

foo {
  foo_id: integer
  create_time: DateTime
  update_time: DateTime
  title: varchar(64)
  content: text

The entity class of the representation with declaration of properties:

class Foo extends Hector\Orm\Entity\Entity {
    private int $foo_id;
    private DateTime $create_time;
    private ?DateTime $update_time;
    private string $title;
    private string $content;
    // ... getter/setter
    public function getTitle(): string
        return $this->title;

So the usage of entity:

$foo = Foo::findOrFail(1); // Get row with primary key "1"

print $foo->getTitle(); // Show title column of row